photographic index

ba digital photography london south bank university

visible girls archive

Anita Corbin’s 1980-1981 photographic study of girls in subcultures
“ Visible Girls” travelling exhibition organised by the Cockpit Gallery
See the flickr set

In this project the Photographic Index group work with the photographic archives of Camerawork, a London-based photographer’s gallery that operated from 1975 to 1998.
Twenty boxes related to Camerawork’s touring exhibitions programme are currently housed at the London South Bank University. The group engaged with a particular section of this archive, the box titled Girls’ Subcultures. (GS box) containing the 1981 photographic series Visible Girls by Anita Corbin.

The aims are to rethink the content of this box in the wider context of photographic archive and cultural memory.
1-exploring the concept of photographic exhibition in a networked environment, through the development of an online archive.
2-reinterpret the concepts of subculture in contemporary youth culture by producing a reinterpretation of the GS box in the form of a gallery exhibit.

Throughout the project, students engaged in a dialogue with the Girls’ Subculture archive box, experimenting with a range of strategies, including ways to digitise its content and to update it into a study of contemporary youth culture.

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