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ba digital photography london south bank university


This is England by Shane Meadows
Oi! This is England tells the story of Shaun, an 11-year-old kid growing up without a father in the north of England. Set during the summer holidays of 1983, we chart his rights of passage from shaggy haired ruffian grieveing the loss of his father, into a shaven headed thug who’s anger and pain are embraced by the local skinhead fraternity and ultimately the National Front.. With a shell for a mother and no father to guide him, Shaun seems set for certain destruction.

Punk (1990) from the series Out On Tuesday, Channel 4, 30 minutes ( perry library)
A retrospective of punk rock music from Out on Tuesday, Channel 4s 1980s/1990s magazine programme for the gay and lesbian community. Recorded off-air, 1990. Tags: Punk rock music — History and criticism/ Popular music/ Homosexuality and music/ Sex in popular culture.

Out on Tuesday [DVD] : [Disco revenge] (perry library)
Looks at the early days of disco and house music in gay and lesbian clubs. Recorded off-air, 1990.
Tags: Disco music/ House music/ Popular music/ Homosexuality and music/ Sex in popular culture.

All junglists [DVD] : a London somethin’ dis’ / Sharp Image Production. (perry library)
Looks at the development of the musical style Jungle and its roots in urban culture. Recorded off-air, 1997. tags: Electronic music/ Jungle (Music)/ Ethnicity/ Popular music/ City and town life/ London (England)

Rude Boy [DVD] (perry library)
Film released in 1980. Music by Joe Strummer and Nick Jones. Cast includes Ray Gange and The Clash (Joe Strummer, Mick Jones, Paul Simonon, and Nicky Headon.
Summary: Filmed as a fictional documentary, Rude Boy the movie follows punk, Ray, as he quits his job in a West End sex shop to be a roadie for The Clash.

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