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Parveen Sahota


Title: …
Artist: Parveen Sahota
Type: Inkjet photographic print
Date: 2007
Description: …, London. Completed May 2007. Made in response to Anita Corbin’s photographic series ‘Visible Girls’, Girls Subcultures box held at the London South Bank University, London. A series of 4 images.
Subject: …, subcultures
Measurements: …x…
Location: London South Bank University Digital Photography Dept
ID Number: PI-RGSB-PS0001-PS0004
Licensing: Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 UK: England & Wales, Parveen Sahota c/o London South Bank University, Digital Photography Course, UK

The project that I have been studying about over the last couple of weeks was about contemporary youth culture the following aspect that I wished to explore was ‘The contemporary lifestyle as a theoretical model to interpret photographically the cultural sensibilities of contemporary youth.’

what do you think of when you hear Youth culture? ‘A Youth culture is youth-based subculture with distinct styles, behaviors and interests. However, dialects and slang, music genres and gathering places can also be an important factor.’ After researching different subcultures that have been formed. I was interested in furthering my research with punks and Goths. The reason I wanted to research them was because of my influences from Camden town. To me this was a small part of London that is focused on this type of subculture.

How do we differentiate people and places? For this project I looked at punks and Goths as these subcultures stand out from most others. They wanted to be different compared to others. By their style of dress code and the way they rejected mainstream culture. Camden town is one of the places where by punks and Goths can go to where they can either go out, or to shop for clothing that follows their subculture’s norms. Punk rock became a major phenomenon in the United Kingdom during the late 1970s, its popularity elsewhere was more limited. During the 1980s, forms of punk rock emerged in small scenes around the world, often rejecting commercial success and association with mainstream culture.

Gothic Lolita style is usually a combination of black and white, often black with white lace and typically decorated with ribbons and lace trims. Skirts are knee length and may have a crinoline or petticoat to add volume. As in mainstream Japanese fashion, over-knee socks or stockings are popular. White or black tights are also common. Child-like shoes or boots such as Mary Janes complete the look. Frilly, ruffled or lace-trimmed Victorian blouses are also popular with Gothic Lolitas and designs are usually modest, sometimes with long lace-capped sleeves and/or high-necked blouses.

The Goth subculture is a contemporary subculture in many countries. It began in the United Kingdom during the late 1970s to early 1980s in the gothic rock scene, an offshoot of the post-punk genre. The goth subculture has survived much longer than others of the same era, and has continued to diversify. Its imagery and cultural effects indicate influences from nineteenth century Gothic literature, mainly through horror movies. The goth subculture has associated gothic tastes in music and fashion. Gothic music encompasses a number of different styles. Common to all is a tendency towards a “dark” sound and outlook. Styles of dress within the subculture range from death rock, punk, androgynous, Victorian style clothes, or combinations of the above, most often with black attire, makeup and hair.

Anita Corbin’s aim was to photograph girl culture and she did this by photographing girls in different situations and different surroundings. For my project I wanted to photograph girls from the subcultures punks and Goths in their own environments such as where they live and where they work, going shopping etc. My work is similar to Anita Corbin, because I took photographs of girls in their surroundings. I didn’t want to edit any of their skin complexions, because I wanted to photograph the truth.

To concluded while doing this project I learnt a lot about girl culture and how that subculture that are created can be mixed and not always male orientation, as I found some stereotypes, when I asked the general public what their views were on punks and rockers. I found that people that were not apart of these subculture made assumptions about them, such as when they thought of punks and rockers, they would imagine big muscly men in biker jackets with lots of tattoos. But they never mentioned women being apart of these subcultures. People also think of punks and goths to be very weird and not normal. What I wanted to also do is to show how that isn’t the case and that they are normal just like everyone else, they just have different groups of friends etc. we’re all different and some choose to express themselves through the way they dress and their hobbies.

All these women that I have photographed have all got different personalities from each other. They are strong, self confident in themselves and you can see this from the way they carry themselves and also the look in their eyes. They are more than a woman. Initially I wanted to photograph different ethnic minorities in Camden town, because there are a lot of multi cultural people that live and work in this area. The reason why I wanted to do this was to get across how diverse and different parts of London are and also how job roles for women have changed over the year.

This is an image of a young girl that worked in a punk shop in Camden market. The reason why I wanted to take a photo of this girl is because she fitted the criteria of a punk, I also thought that she also had mixed subcultures in her, which was abit of hippy in her, from her flowers on he skirt.

This image of another young girl, but is totally different from the girl above, she is dressed in a black netted dress. This relates to the Goth subculture. I wanted to take various photos of girls that followed different cultures. I liked the way this girl was dressed as it reminded me of a Goth Lolita style with the netted dress.

This is a photograph of a girl that follows the punk subculture, I liked the way her hair was red and black, I found that most punks wore quite a lot of black, and some patterned materials, for example they had skulls on etc. I wanted to take photos of the girls in natural surroundings. I saw this girl walking down the street with her male friend. I like the way the focus is on her and you can also see the street in the background.

This young girl worked in a store that sold punk clothes. I found quite a variety of girls that dressed similar to their subcultures. And I also found that they had their own dress sense. This girl’s was dressed quite casual and not so funky as the previous girls that I had photographed. But she still looked apart of the punk subculture. As you can see from her shoes, which have a big wedged heel to them.

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