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Basic copyright /creative commons info 

1-Will Burrard-Lucas, in his Guide to UK Photographic Copyright
explains the basics about photographic identification and parenthood.

2-Another interesting discussion of copyright and licensing is available as podcast, from Prodig.

(original audio source). Celina Dunlop (picture editor for the Economist magazine) discusses creative commons licensing. She also lists the basics of uk law (below) and goes on to analyse creative commons licensing schemes for photography.

She suggests there are points that need to be improved but she also recognises that overall the most important thing is to let others know how do you allow them to use your work. In case of doubt or misuse of someone’s work, contacting a lawyer is always the last option and in an online environment, things should be dealt with via email and corrected to avoid hard positions and lawyers. She also suggests ways to improve creative commons licensing in popular photo-share site such as flickr.

• Photographic copyright is automatic.
• Copyright belongs to the artist and there is no need to assert this.
• The 1998 copyright act extended the duration of copyright to include commissioned photographs.
Copyright lasts for the life of the artist +70 years.

• Moral rights are rights that remain with the author of the photograph irrespective of what happens to the copyright:
• Paternity right is the right to attribution but it must it be asserted. It lasts for life +70 years.
• The integrity right, the right to abject to derogatory treatment there is no need to assert it and lasts for life+70 years.
• The right to privacy which is safeguarding privacy where photographs have been commissioned for private or domestic purposes.


Choose A License
With a Creative Commons license, you keep your copyright but allow people to copy and distribute your work provided they give you credit — and only on the conditions you specify .

Follow the web wizard to learn about the options.

The best way to learn about the Creative Commons is to watch one of their short movies:
Wanna Work Together, 2006 — 3:00 mins
Get Creative, 2002
Building on the Past, 2003 — 2:00 mins
Mix Tape, 2003 — 1:50 mins
Reticulum Rex, 2003 — 5:43 mins
CC Brasil, 2004 — 11:36 mins

and browse through the section on cc and images

Interview with Flickr

Now you ‘re ready to go to photographicindex flickr account and set a creative commons license for your work, while still maintaining anita’s work copyright protected as per her wish.

let’s log in and go to “your account”> privacy & permissions>
What license will your photos have All rights reserved © edit

You can choose to use a Creative Commons license to allow more liberal use and sharing of your photos while still maintaining reasonable copyright protection.

This option will apply to all public photos you upload from this point on (you can also batch-select a license for all previously uploaded photos and alter your setting on a photo-by-photo basis, if you’d like).
Which license is right for you?

The Creative Commons website provides a wizard for you to choose the license most appropriate to your needs. You can check that before you make your decision here.

For more information, you might like to read:

* A list of all 6 licenses and their explanations,
* The Creative Commons FAQ, or
* Information specifically for photographers & illustrators.

further reading


history of copyright law


creative commons

Guide To Copyright for LSBU Students

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