photographic index

ba digital photography london south bank university

learning resources

Sekula, A. (1992) The body and the archive, in Bolton, R (Ed) The contest of meaning: critical histories of photography, Cambridge: MIT Press.

(reviewed by paula in this blog)

Hebdige, D. (1988), Hiding in the Light: On Images and Things. London: Routledge. Pp 17-36 (chapt 1: youth surveillance and display)

(reviewed by paula in this blog)
Available at the Perry library.

Bennett, A. (2000) Popular Music and Youth Culture: Music, identity and place, London, Macmillan. (Chapt 1 sociology of youth culture pp 17-33). essay available as .pdf for download: subcultures-or-neo-tribes.pdf

(reviewed by paula in this blog)
Availabale at the Perry library.

Additional resources

On performance and performance-based learning

Newspaper Theatre: Applying performance-based learning to journalism education

Anything on augusto boal from the perry library

On youth culture

Anything on youth culture from the perry library

Evans, J. (1999) (Ed) The Camerawork essays: Context and meaning in photography. London: Rivers Oram Press. Pp 9-10 and 11-(Preface by Hunt, B.) and introduction-extracts by Evans, J.)

Hall, S. (1997), The spectacle of the other in Hall, S. (ed) Representation-cultural representations and signifying practices. London: The Open University. Available at the Perry library.

Photographers who work with archives of found photography and photo archives housed in institutions (selection)
[all accessed 22 January 2007]

Designing Britain 1945 – 1975 > Student Response Bank

Joachim Schmid’s blog

Joachim Schmid’s archive 1986-1995

Stephen Bull, Joachim Schmid

Thompson, L. (1994) Turning Photo-Trash into Art Treasure, Found photographs engage as artworks in Joachim Schmid’s Pictures from the Street.

Camilla Webster’s archive

Camilla Webster found image project (via: christopher charalambous

Peter Pillar

Aleksandra Mir


Bayles, J. (2003) Gillian Wearing Album. [Online] Available from:

Galassi, P. (1998) Cindy Sherman Untitled Film Stills 1977-1982.

Photographers working with youth culture (selection)

Lauren Greenfield

Rineke dijkstra

Wolfgang tillmans

Larry Clark

Nan goldin

Optional Materials

Evans, J. (1997) Introduction. In Evans, J. (Ed) The Camerawork essays Context and meaning in photography. London: Rivers Oram Press

Edwards, E. and Hart, J. (2004) Mixed box- the cultural biography of a box of ‘ethnographic photographs, in Edwards, E. and Hart, J. (Eds), Photographs Objects Histories –On the materiality of images. NY: Routledge.

Crimp,D. (1993) On the Museum’s Ruins. MIT Press, Boston. (chapt. ‘The Museum’s Old’, The Library’s New Subject’ and ‘The Photographic Activity of Postmodernism’)

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