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friday club rules

In our last Friday meeting we agreed on a certain number of rules with the aims of:
1-facilitating group work
2-insuring everyone’s participation
3-providing thematic /stylistic/photographic consistency
4-enabling pass of the unit

Inspired by the manifestos put together by other image collectives like the Dogma 95 manifesto ( (*1) some of us in the group have been outlining the rules we agreed upon. If there is a rule you want to change or add, you need to reply to this message as a thread in the facebook message. The deadline for changes is Wednesday 25th of March.


  • -All the images to be created relate to the theme of youth cultures
    -Visual strategies to include one or more of the following: the role of self in everyday life, defamiliarisation, uncanny, contemporary re-enactment, image theatre, and newspaper theatre (*2)
    -Shooting is done in location with props and sets brought in
    -You must bring a camera and be responsible for creating your own images
    – As the images develop, you must take turns as a model as well as a sculptor/photographer
    -No external models to be brought in
    -If you have a problem being photographed facing the camera this must be acknowledged and a compromised attained that doesn’t involve looking at the camera
    -You must come prepared with clothing and props that reflect everyday life, particular sub-cultures and/or spectacular fashions that you will wear or include in the images you will sculpt with the others
    -You must come prepared (on your mobile or in print) with a stock of images from the news and/or Internet that illustrate the image you want to create
    – The images you create must not contain superficial acting
    -You need to bring in additional lighting if required for a successful image
    -No single photographer to be credited; instead all images to be credited to the friday club
    -If you are being photographed, insure your camera is not in view unless it is apart of the scene.
    -To pass the unit, in addition to all other requirements, you must be present in the three remaining sessions. Presence means presence in the images. Absence must be followed with doctor’s certificate or other evidence.
  • (*1)For more info on Dogme 95: The Vow of Chastity (abridged):
    Dogme 95

    (*2) For the slide presentation on performance/photography (Friday march 20th) and more info on the visual strategies , see:

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