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Bicentenary of the Napoleonic Invasions-exhibition

Great news! the proposal for the exhibition has been accepted and we can send up to 5 photos.

The theme is the bicentenary of the Napoleonic Invasions and this is what I proposed: “We would be interested to do a re-enactement of the battle scenes from a contemporary urban/youth culture perspective. “We can  print the photos size A0 here in the  uni if you have space to accommodate, or smaller if needed ”

Ana Efe, the exhibition curator, sent images of the exhibition space (our space is the one with no tiles):

I’ve also found out the flights london -porto return are cheap ,  from £30 ( see screenshot) so those of you that would like to attend the opening party (on the 9th of may, a saturday) may want to check it out at the ryanair website. also, find about youth hostel here.

initial invitation sent out by ana efe:

Bicentenary of the Napoleonic invasions

Hello, I am part of the Organization of two group exhibitions of Contemporary Art about the Bicentenary of the Napoleonic invasions Quarter of Serra do Pilar in Vila Nova de Gaia.

The inauguration is on May 9 and will stay on for two weeks. One of the exhibitions has no theme, you can submit work already exhibited elsewhere, the other has a theme referring to the subject of Napoleonic invasions. There will be a performation on the opening night – May 9 – in which a group of artists will paint canvases live (painting or drawing on screen), which will remain in the Military collection.

Projects will be accepted for Painting, Drawing, Photography and Sculpture / Installation. I ask you to confirm your  interest in participating until Friday 20th February and send a CV or bio, links to your work (website, blog, etc.),  by  email:

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