photographic index

ba digital photography london south bank university

e1: commenting

Hi welcome to photographic index 2009 project on youth culture. You are invited to become one of the blog’s co-editors! But even before that, we invite you to practice leaving comments on blogs’ posts. Once you become a blogger you’ll realise how nice it is to find substantial comments on one’s posts. So e1 (e-tivity 1) is  to leave  feedback on the  youth culture projects  archived here and in our flickr set.

Task: browse through the photo projects developed by your 2007 peers (on the right hand side column) and at flickr and choose one to leave a comment! After studying the images and reading the artists’ statement, comment on one  of the following aspects:

-the photographer’s visual strategy: is the  focus on sameness or difference? individuality or relationships?

-the photographer’s social practice: what is the social context in which the images are produced? How does it shape the production and interpretation of these images?

after you wrote at least 169 characters ( the same as this post),  sign it.

thank you! paula

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