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e1: commenting

Hi welcome to photographic index 2009 project on youth culture. You are invited to become one of the blog’s co-editors! But even before that, we invite you to practice leaving comments on blogs’ posts. Once you become a blogger you’ll realise how nice it is to find substantial comments on one’s posts. So e1 (e-tivity 1) is  to leave  feedback on the  youth culture projects  archived here and in our flickr set.

Task: browse through the photo projects developed by your 2007 peers (on the right hand side column) and at flickr and choose one to leave a comment! After studying the images and reading the artists’ statement, comment on one  of the following aspects:

-the photographer’s visual strategy: is the  focus on sameness or difference? individuality or relationships?

-the photographer’s social practice: what is the social context in which the images are produced? How does it shape the production and interpretation of these images?

after you wrote at least 169 characters ( the same as this post),  sign it.

thank you! paula

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session 01 material

sameness/difference: a collection of links to visual strategies on identity, individuality, belonging, subcultures, masquerade and neo-tribes using styling, reenactement, action to restage political youth moments and movements

session 01 photographic index 09 pin09 available here

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books 2 read

By Nancy Lesko
Edition: illustrated
Published by Routledge, 2001

Act Your Age examines and questions our tendency to label our youths as both endangered and dangerous creatures. Lesko analyzes both historical and present social and political factors that produce the presumed “natural adolescent.” She also examines the concerns of nationalism, sexuality, and social order in terms of how they are projected onto the definitions of adolescents in the media, in schools, and in the home.

check for chapters available in google books

Freaks, Geeks, and Cool Kids: American Teenagers, Schools, and the Culture of Consumption
By Murray Milner
Published by Routledge, 2004
ISBN 0415948304, 9780415948302
Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: A History of the Hip-hop Generation
By Jeff Chang
Edition: illustrated
Published by St. Martin’s Press, 2005

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