photographic index

ba digital photography london south bank university

to do

1- licensing the new work using creative commons licensing (refer to licensing page on this blog)
2-upload personal projects to flickr
3-upload personal projects to their own page on this blog
>place personal projects images(72 dpi .jpgs) and text in the photo folder> photoindex>personal projects> folder with your name
>refer to nicola’s page on this blog for archival tags.
Specs to consider:
Measurements: …x…
Location: London South Bank University Digital Photography Dept
ID Number: PI-RGSB-NP001(PI=Photographic Index, RGSB=Reinterpretation Girls Subcultures Box, XY001=YOUR INITIALS followed by three digits as in NP001, NP002, NPetc )
Licensing: Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 UK: England & Wales, Nicola Penfold c/o London South Bank University, Digital Photography Course, UK
refer to individual photo page for photo’s archival tag

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