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As promised, here’s Jessica’s template to be used for the labeling of exhibition works.

Please download it ( by cliking the link below) and replace the info provided by your own.

Print it in photographic paper and bring it next Friday.

Also, the hours the mezzanine space is available have been confirmed and these remain 5pm to 9pm (as before) thus making it impossible to accomodate the request to move it to an earlier afternoon event.

All the specifications for the work to be submitted can be found on post ‘week 12’ of the unit’s blog

Please keep in mind that you need to bring to the class (friday 18th may) a copy of the cd you submit in the office so that all material can be upload to the blog (images and text)

if you have any questions, you can email me> paularoush (at) googlemail (dot)com or jessika >jessica (dot) kril (at) googlemail (dot) com

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