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week 12

Hi, here’s a summary of our 12th session (Friday 11 May) before the final exhibition hanging up (next friday 18th of May).

I’d like to follow the following outline
1. Licensing of the work using creative commons licensing scheme
2. Peer review
2. Preparation exhibition (2nd part)
3. pm: continuation (individual tutorials if required)

Project 2. Specifications summary
Submission deadline Friday 11 May (week 13). Installing the exhibition: Friday 18 May.

For this part of the project you were asked to produce a series of 3-7 (minimum) portraits that reinterpret the box GS, setting it in the context of contemporary youth culture.

You were asked to explore one or more of the following aspects:
1. The concept of subculture/lifestyle as a theoretical model to interpret photographically the cultural sensibilities of contemporary youth
2. The relationship between youth culture and popular culture commodities such as music and fashion.
3. The role of ethnic identity as strategies of negotiation between the traditional and the contemporary cultures, and as affirmation of local urban identities (ie, inner-city districts and neighbourhoods)

You were also asked to reinterpret the archive, throught one or more of the strategies:
4. Everydaying: Adopting the methodology of collecting to archive banal images, questioning how value is added to photographic objects.
5. • Reenacting: Use the core material of an archive as reference to remake photographs in a similar style.
6. Fictionalising: Use your research into the structure of archives to create a fictional narrative that looks for the invisible as well as the visible.

You were asked to produce a porftfolio of exhibition-quality prints according to these criteria
-Hardcopy (for wall display)
– Printed colour (matte)
– Size: A2 /A3 (flexible to other formats)
– Unmounted

– cd (through the office):
To submit your work it will be necessary to save it in a cd in the following formats:
• Photographs selected for the exhibitiion must be saved in two sets
– as .tiff files at 300 dpi
– as .Jpeg files at 72 dpi
• Text, including production analysis, must be saved as word documents.

So I propose we go through all this, i wil be available for individual tutorials as required
thank you!

Today’s docs:

Project 2: reinterpreting the GS (girls- subcultures) box- Peer Review formphotographicindex-project-2-peerreview.doc

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